Fake ‘Pokémon Go’ app on the Google Play Store

The fever of ‘Pokémon Go’ is growing with each passing day and it is soon to become the most-played games in the world as it has surpassed the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and many dating apps like Tinder, Happn, etc. It took Nintendo on Skies and gave it a serious boost after rolled out on July 6 in the USA. This is the situation when the game has not been launched in the major parts of the world.

But, it gives a chance to the app developers to lure the Pokémon Go fans through fake apps. There is news of a fake game called ‘Pokémon Go Ultimate’, which when downloaded and run is not installed as Pokémon Go but as a “PI Network”.

It freezes the phone completely when started and thus, forcing them to restart the phone by removing the battery. The Pokémon Go gaming app uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities of the smartphone in conjunction with Google Maps to place virtual creatures in real-world locations, which one then tries to find using their device as a guide.

A malicious gaming app called Pokemon Go Ultimate, the first “lock screen” app has made its way onto the Google Play store, said software security company ESET. ESET also spotted several other malicious apps, including Install Pokemongo and Guide & Cheats for Pokémon Go. Presently, the game is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store in the US, Japan, and Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Britain and Germany and is planned to come soon to India, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Thus, the gamers should be careful and can pull off such fake Pokémon Go app by uninstalling it manually from their phone’s application manager.