Fasting in 9 days of Navratri is healthy, Know how

Navrati, the celebration of 9-day symbolizes the power, righteousness and chastity of Maa Durga. ‘Victory of Goodness over Evil’ can be called as other definition of Navratri. These festive days make us realize the worth of woman power in our society. Navratri celebration has already started from 21 September which will be continued till 29 September. Many people showcase their devotion by keeping fasts during these 9 days while others keep only one or two fasts.

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The tradition of fasting in Navratri to please Goddess Adishakti was century old. People keep fast without even realizing how beneficial these are for their health. It is quite wonderful to know the amazing benefits of keeping fast. There are even several do’s and don’ts of the fast. Let’s gather some knowledge about how to keep fasts.

It is very important to be vigilant about what you eat else you will double your calorie count only.
Eat only those food items that are easy to digest and nutritious too. If you eat unhealthy and oily food items then you will not be able to experience benefits of fasting.
It is also advised to munch on some nuts as they are good source of energy.
Consume fruits and vegetables to keep yourself active during these 9 days. Fruits and veggie make your body to flush out cholesterol accumulation.
Add pumpkin, bottle gourd and lotus seeds (makhane) to your diet to maintain your blood sugar level during the fasting.
To rejuvenate yourself, drink water, lemon juice and fruit juices etc. Fluids make you to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body.
You are also recommended to eat such food products that will keep you high protein and low in fat.

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When you keep fast then you are supposed to stay away from the Tamsik food i.e. spicy, oily, alcohol and non-vegetarian dishes.
You should also not to focus on eating potatoes, sago (sabudana), kutu and milk products.
It is not healthy idea to drink full-cream milk as it will only add on to your weight.
Avoid sweets and sweet beverages as these overload your gut and make you feel lethargic.

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Fasting is a simple way to detoxify your body and make you really healthy.
Unhealthy diet also causes inflammation to your body. When you fast then you save your body from such bad food habits.
Fasting helps you to cleanse and heal your stuck emotional patterns.
When you fast then your body promotes destruction of malfunctioning cells and tissues. This is done through selective functioning of body.
The people who wish to lose their fat must undertake fast. Fasts make them to control their cravings without making much of efforts.
Consuming fruits and veggies keep your metabolism good.
If you wish to have improved brain function then try fasting will help you. Fasting enhances the brain-derived neutrophic factor and promotes neural health.