Goa Carnival 2018: Party Hard in the Epic Goan Style

Goa Carnival

The Goa Carnival 2018 is going to start on February 10th and will be celebrated for three days until 12th February. It’s the celebration of the rich culture and heritage which is quite popular among the youth. The highlighting element of the fest will be the float parades that will be leading throughout the major cities of the state.

Every year a ‘King Momo’ is selected to lead the parades and is believed to rule the state throughout the fest. This year’s King Momo is Float dancer Bruno Azaredo. The state tourism department receives a lot of entries for the position and then one of them is selected on the basis of his credentials. The tourism department also sets carnival committees and it’s ensured that the fest promotes the culture of the state and commercialization is minimized.


Apart from the parade, some other highlighting features of the fest are the music, the alcohol, and the delectable Goan cuisine offered by the food stalls. The parades are accompanied by live bands and dances and people feast throughout the day. The entire state is decorated with lightings and grand balls and people party all day all night.

The festivities of the event also feature revelers wearing masks and costumes, there are dancing troupes, and there is an electrifying music with live performances that sweep the tourists away with immense charm and energy.

It’s the peak time for tourists to attend the celebrations and hence the place is usually jam-packed during this time period. Hence it’s always advisable to book your accommodation in advance. The Goa Carnival is an ideal event for those who are fond of the Goan culture, especially its food and music.



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