Google Comes Releases New Look ‘Logo’

Google new logo 2015

Google since its launch, has changed many lives  and not many of us can deny from the fact that today the worlds go-to search engine is ‘Google’. We feel the statement is true and it is also a fact that Google along with making common lives simpler has also changed its appearance from time to time.

google new logo today
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Google unveiled its new logo on 1st September 2015. It has a new, tailor-made sans-serif typeface called Product Sans. The new logo launched has soft colors and bears its resemblance to the logo of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.

The new logo of Google files its transformation history, started from 1998 one which was created by Sergey Brin, using free graphic program GIMP. A remarkable changes and transformation was observed between 1999 and 2013, previous logo with slight modification was designed by Ruth Kedar. In 2010, Google’s logo series received a major overhaul since 31st May 1999. A new logo was launched on 6th May 2010, utilizing an identical typeface to the previous one. The letter ‘o’ used in this logo was a typical orange color in place of yellowish used in previous logo, which had much more subtle shadow in different shading style.

On 19th September 2013, the search engine giant came up with a new ‘flat’ two dimensional logo, which had slight change in color palette. The logo was updated on 24th May 2014, which has small changes in alignments in second letter ‘g’ and ‘l’. However, 2010 logo is still used on some pages such as Google Doodles. Google has always been creative in presenting its logo, and alters it from time to time to pay tribute through doodles. It came out with interactive graphics, cartoon modifications used on birthdays of famous personalities, holidays and even on major international events such as World Cup and Olympics.

Along with logo this Google has been introducing changes in ‘Favicon’, from its very beginning. The changes recorded from May 1999 to May 2008 it was a blue uppercase ‘G’ on a white background, followed by blue lowercase ‘g’ on the same background color.

In 2009 a major change was brought in the ‘Favicon’, which included left aligned lowercase ‘g’ with background colored in red, green, blue and yellow, with top, bottom and left edges of ‘g’ cropped. It was again changed to center aligned lowercase ‘g’ from 13th August 2012, this time ‘g’ remained in white and background changed to solid blue color. As of 1st September 2015, the favicon appears to be a capital ‘G’ in tailor font ‘Product Sans’, segments colored red, yellow, green and blue from top to bottom.




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