Google Play Store new update: Reduces size and data requirement by 50%

Google’s Play Store has been updated recently and it has good news for all the Android users. The latest update will enable all the users to save on the limited data they have based on their cellular plans.

According to its new algorithm, Google Play Store’s new update will reduce the amount of data required by 50%.

Reason behind this new update is the competition between all android developers who to stay in the lead, keep unleashing new updates every now and then for the users to download. But not everyone who owns a Smartphone has WiFI facility available 24*7. There are users who only use data plans and for them it was getting difficult to stay updated on their installed apps with limited data available.

From now on, with the help of this new update, the user only has to download what is actually required and it will add onto the previously installed app. Google Play Store shall display only the actual download size of the app instead of APK file size, along with it, total amount of data used will also be showed.