GST Council Meeting should get the Christmas Party started on Dalal Street!

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council meeting which is scheduled to take place tomorrow (i.e. December 22) is seen as a harbinger of good news for the Indian markets which seem to have undergone a premature end to the Santa rally!

The government is expected to bring about 99 items under the 18% GST slab. “Today, the GST system has been established to a large extent and we are working towards a position where 99 per cent items will attract the sub-18 per cent GST slab,” Modi said.

PM Modi also hinted that only luxury goods will remain a part of the 28 percent slab; this means that the rates of products will go down by about 10% as those items will be shifted to the 18% slab.

Cement is one product which is most likely to be witnessing a slab shift. Other good news includes easy filing of returns, etc.



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