I am head over heels with Shahid: Mira

Take a glimpse of the romantic #KoffeeWithKaranSeason5 where the host, Karan Johar envies the duo’s lovable talks.

Surely, the cutest duo in the B-town, Mira and Shahid Kapoor recently graced the couch in Koffee with Karan Season5. No wonder , the couch was sending out lover bubbles engendering an achingly strong atmosphere of utmost fondness.

The dapper, Shahid Kapoor and the beautiful, Mira Rajput got married in 2015. But the chemistry shared by the couple is surely inexplicable. While the couple walked through, there is everything which would make you want to see more of them together.

The couple was recently bestowed with a pretty daughter, who they have named ‘Misha’- a beautiful amalgamation of their own names.

When asked Shahid, when he fell in love with Mira, the doting father explicitly said, “I fell in love with her when she got pregnant.” Mira too admitted that she fell in love around the same time. She said, we created something that is ours. She expressed her feelings by saying, “ because of a child, ‘I’ and ‘you’ become ‘us’.” Well, we admire this lady more for a laudable expression of her feelings. She really keeps it short and simple. (And comes with no filters!)

The opulent host, Karan Johar was apparently envying the couple’s PDA from the start to the very end. There were literally Valentines Day cues, of sorts, so much that the host himself could not abstain but requested the couple to store their love sessions for after-show.

When asked Shahid, whether he has got everything he was looking for, he replied that Mira was everything normal he was looking for. He also admitted that he had been looking around to find a perfect soul-mate, for more than a couple of years, but couldn’t find anyone compatible. When finally, he went to meet Mira, both were left alone at a farmhouse. Time flew by, and the duo didn’t relaise that it was 7 hours they had been talking non-stop. Shahid said, “If I could talk to a woman for 7 hours at a stretch, I can spend my entire life with her.“ Well, what a juncture of love. We just can’t get over!