5 easy and healthy home made drinks to beat the heat this summer

healthy home made drinks

Summers are at the peak now and as days passes it is getting harder and harder to survive the heat. We bet you keep in mind things like sunscreens, hats, scarf and sunglasses every time you step outside your place in the scorching sun. But sitting at homes is equally tough these days. So today here we are to help you to beat the heat with some amazingly refreshing yet healthy home made drinks which can be easily made and enjoyed whenever.

Skinny Lemonade:
healthy home made drinks Boosts Immune System and helps stay cool and calm.
(Cold Water+ Lemons+ Sugar+ Black Salt+ Ice Cubes+ Mint)

Fruity Iced Tea:

healthy home made drinks

Helps prevent heart attacks and stabilizes blood glucose levels.
(Cold Water+ Ice Tea+ Sugar+ Fresh Mint+ Frozen Raspberries+ Frozen Blueberries)

Aam Panna:
healthy home made drinks Fights anaemia and diabetes.
(Cold Water+ Raw Mangoes+ Cumin Powder+ Black Pepper+ Asafoetida+ Black Salt+ Sugar)

healthy home made drinks Helps in digestion and improves bone health.
(Curd+ Sugar+ Cardamom+ Safron+ Vanilla Essence+ Crushed Ice+ Permanganate seeds)

Watermelon Juice:
healthy home made drinks Prevents asthma and Muscle soreness.
(Watermelon Juice+ Crushed Ice+ Lemon Juice+ Ginger Ale+ Rose Petals)



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