Here is why every woman must plan a solo trip!

reasons why woman travel solo

Women are the architects of the world but have always been bounded by the norms and traditions of the very stereotyped societies.  Women have equal rights as those of men and thus we believe every woman must do what she feels like. She despite of the various restrictions and responsibilities must seek out some time for her own self and what could be a better way to do that other than travelling alone.  Are you scared of travelling alone for the obvious reasons? Don not worry. Today we list below some reasons that would be enough to make you say a big YES for self and travel solo!


1. It makes you independent:

When you stay with your family you find yourself being dependent on others for some or the other things in daily chores. Travelling alone gives you an opportunity to feel the freedom and be independent as then you have to do everything by your own. Not just will you learn several things but will also help you conduct yourself in your life ahead.


2. It Inspires your creativity:

While your solo travel you would certainly learn new things, meet new people, explore new places which in turn will help you being more creative in life, both personal and professional.


3. It boosts your confidence:

Travelling solo boosts your confidence because now you need nobody by your side to help you with certain things in life. While your travel you have done everything of your own and now stand proudly and confidently among all your friends and colleagues who are yet dependent on others.


4. It helps you in networking:

Obviously you get to meet new people from different cultures when you travel solo. Being alone you have only option to interact with certain people thought your trip be it your cab driver, your hotel assistant, your guide or the amazing people at several tourist destinations.


5. It makes you adaptive:

This would be helpful throughout your life. When you travel solo you step out of your comfort zone and it is when you experience different people, different norms and traditions, different environmental conditions and different cultures. This helps you make more adaptive to changes in your life.
21 Jun 2011, Indonesia --- Sea Kayaking in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia, New Guinea, Southeast Asia, Asia --- Image by © James Morgan/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis


6. It helps you learn to manage finance:

Being a woman this is one of the most important thing yo need to learn. Not just do you have to manage your personal expenses but also you need to manage the finance of your house as you run it. Travelling by your own makes you learn how to manage your finance.


7. It makes you a better decision-maker:

During your solo travel, because you have no one by your side, you take all the decisions by your own from booking the hotel to visiting places and from finalizing your budget to planning your day activities. Eventually you realize what is the best for you and what is not. This makes you a better decision maker and certainly will help you take better decisions forever in your life.

We bet you are already planning your solo trip. Aren’t you? Trust us, you’ll be so happy that you did it ALONE.

Get Set Go Woman! Go explore yourself (:



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