Hizbul Mujahideen Chief Sif-ul-Islam-Mir killed in an encounter in Srinagar

hizbul chief saif-ul-islam, indian army
File image of Indian Soldiers in Srinagar
hizbul chief saif-ul-islam, indian army
File image of Indian Soldiers in Srinagar

Hizbul Mujahideen “operation chief” Saif-ul-Islam Mir, who succeeded Reyaz Naikoo, was killed in an encounter in Srinagar on Sunday.

“During a pursuit activity in Rangreth zone of Srinagar, the presence of a terrorist was found out. He was allowed a chance to give up. In any case, he terminated unpredictably. In the following experience, Saif-ul-Islam Mir false name Dr. Saif pseudonym Ghazi Haider, an inhabitant of Malangpora, associated with Hizb was slaughtered,” IGP Vijay Kumar disclosed to The Hindu.

Mir was Hizb’s boss operational officer and had been dynamic since 2014. “He was engaged with numerous fear wrongdoings other than being instrumental in enrolling blameless youth into the dread folds,” IGP Kumar said.

DGP Dilbag Singh depicted the executing as a “significant achievement”. “The Hizb outfit is by and by leaderless,” he said.

The killed ‘administrator’ was selected after the executing of Hizb boss Reyaz Naikoo on May 6.

“He was engaged with the slaughtering of numerous guiltless individuals, including three cops and two transporters who were assaulted after the weakening of Article 370,” the DGP said. Mr. Singh said he was likewise behind the slaughtering of three BJP laborers in an assailant assault in Kulgam region this week.

Saifullah was the last enduring assailant who figured in the gathering pictures of Hizb ‘leader’ Burhan Wani, murdered in an experience in 2016. “We were following his development throughout the previous two days. I might want to compliment the Anantnag police for following his developments,” Mr. Singh said.

As indicated by the police, around 200 aggressors have been murdered for the current year up until now.

The body of the killed aggressor was shipped off Baramulla for internment and the last customs after fulfillment of medico-lawful conventions. “The closest relatives of the slaughtered psychological oppressor will be permitted to partake in the last ceremonies at Baramulla,” the police said.

There were inputs that Dr. Saifullah and his men were wanting to assault some greater security establishments and regular citizen territories in the Valley, the DGP said.

“Aggressiveness in north Kashmir is at its last stage. We have the high ground as hostility is practically leveled out. I trust Kashmir will be a free locale soon. There will be no adjustments in against aggressiveness tasks in Kashmir valley notwithstanding the forthcoming winter,” DGP Singh said.



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