India Celebrates Men’s Team’s Historic Series Win against SA while Women’s ODI Series wasn’t even Televised


While the entire nation is celebrating the historic win of Indian Men’s Cricket team against South Africa, the Indian women’s team has also been doing wonders which went unnoticed. Just after the 2017 world cup where Indian women showed excellent performance, people had finally started recognizing their talent.

However, the recent ODI series against South Africa put forth a phenomenal game which nobody saw, not because people didn’t know about it but because it wasn’t televised at all. While many are blaming BCCI for not telecasting these matches, the real reason is that CSA (Cricket South Africa) didn’t choose to televise the ODI series.

Mens’ Cricket vs Women’s Cricket

As per a report by Indian Express, CSA has never broadcasted a standalone women’s game, which speaks volume about the priority given to women’s matches. Since the games were played in South Africa, BCCI didn’t have the rights to the broadcast.

On the contrary, the men’s matches are being covered by 30 cameras installed around the stadium. Captain Kohli and his teammates are getting appreciated for the historic series win and the record-breaking performances, which they fully deserve but meanwhile the fans have missed Smriti Mandana’s terrific score of 150 in the second ODI and Jhulan Goswami’s mind-blowing record of becoming the first female cricketer to take 200 wickets in ODIs.

3 out of 5 T20 matches to be televised

The women’s team in South Africa has been scheduled to play 3 ODIs and 5 T20 matches, out of which, only the last 3 T20 matches were chosen for the broadcast. The team has already won the ODI series with 2-1 and has also clinched victory in the first T20. The board live-streamed the third ODI on SCA YouTube channel and the first two T20 matches are also being streamed.

Notably, this isn’t the first time that the excellence of the players’ game went unnoticed. Last year, Deepti Sharma’s record score of 188 and Jhulan’s 181st wicket also remained uncovered by the broadcasters.

The Hard Hitting Reality

The reality is that apart from BCCI, England, and Australia, the cricket boards of other countries have to face the shortage of funds. While these boards manage to make enough money from the men’s game and then utilize it for publicizing women’s game, others are running out of profits. These boards aren’t making enough profit from the broadcast of women matches, which makes them prioritize men’s matches. The plight of women’s cricket at global levels is saddening and demands an upheaval.

The Bright Side

However, on the brighter side, people are aware of the matches’ schedules and they are eager to watch the game even when men’s teams are playing around the same time.

So if people are bashing social media and cricket board for not publicizing women’s matches, it surely means the women’s team has gained love and acceptance. A lot of credit for this change goes to the performances and the thrilling games being played by Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandana, Jhulan, and others.



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