India, France Ink Several Deals; World’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant to be set up in Maharashtra

India and France deal

The defence ties between India and France have reached to a whole another level after the two leaders PM Modi and President Macron signed several crucial deals with each other. The two countries have signed a key security accord for the Indian Ocean so as to counter against China’s growing influence in the region.

As Modi and Macron stood side by side, the French President said that the defence cooperation between India and France has now a new significance. Meanwhile, PM Modi said that the accord is crucial as the Indian Ocean region has a significant role to play in the future.

After these comments, the two leaders went on to sign a slew of deals in the areas of defence, space, and clean energy. As per the new deal, the countries will open their naval bases to warships from one another. Besides, France is going to assist India in establishing world’s largest nuclear power plant at Jaitapura, Maharashtra. Once installed, it will have a total capacity of 9.6 gigawatts.

Until now, the international equipment makers have been hesitant in carrying on such project in India because of the country’s nuclear liability law that exposes reactor supplier to claims for damage during an accident. That has, in turn, complicated India’s plan for expansion of its nuclear power capacity nine-fold by 2032.

Back in 2016, Electricite De France had signed an initial pact with India’s Nuclear Power Corp to supply six reactors at Jaitapura. As per the new deal, the EDF will be undertaking all the studies and component purchases for 2 reactors while the remaining four reactors could be assigned to some local companies.

Apart from several deals on climate change and other notable issues, the two countries also co-hosted the International Solar Alliance Summit which brings together 121 countries. Both India and France have asserted a commitment for $1.4 Billion and $1.3 Billion, respectively. The alliance aims to replace the fossil fuels with clean energy of solar power.



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