Best sites to shop online in India


The online stores that are creating a buzz on the Indian circuit. Your one sure stop to easy and reliable shopping. Which one do you pick?

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The growing influence of the internet has turned various aspects of life around and one major result of this has been the expansion of small business into thriving virtual companies. Tech and apparel are such as industries, who have especially witnessed a boost and been most eagerly received by online shoppers. Where one can acknowledge the easy accessibility of these online stores as their most prominent factor, it is mostly the wide array of products available at a single click of the finger that make them such a favorite method of retail therapy with people all over the world. Indian designers and stores have seen more recognition with the progress of online shopping culture. Here are the top online shopping sites you can treat yourself to.


An initiative of the fashionista Pernia Qureshi, Pernia’s Pop Up shop is the ultimate virtual store with an array of Indian designers and their latest collections. With jewelry and clothes for women and men, this posh virtual store is one of the most sought after online Indian store. Started by Qureshi to bridge the massive gap between desired global customers and Indian designers, the online venture strives to showcase Indian designers in a never seen before light, brilliantly paving their way to popularity.



The importance and need of technology is today’s times is second only to the need to breathe. The generation of today looks to entertain itself with the help of technology and this proves as a confidence booster for tech giants, who release new products at the drop of a hat, knowing there are always customers in the market. However, an aspect which seems to pose a problem often are the constraints on peoples time. The first tech mall of India, Gadgets Guru endorses an idea which looks to offer gadget lovers the experience of tech shopping from the comfort of their homes at any given time. With massive growth in the online shopping culture, this is definitely a more than welcome option!



Looking for the latest trends at reasonable prices? These online fashion stores are your solution! Be it accessories, shoes, clothes or bags, these online stores offer an undeniably appealing variety. Jabong-Logo-EPS-vector-imagelogo_top


With occasional sales and deals to die for, these fashion stops have become a favorite with Indians.



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