India’s electrification rate is good, says World Bank


According to the reports by the World Bank, India has good percentage in electrification. Almost 85 per cent of India’s population is having access to electricity. In fact, India has provided electricity to 30 million people each year between 2010 and 2016, asserted by World Bank.

But, still it has challenge of making electricity available to the rest of the 15 per cent of the 1.25 billion population. The country has made the target of universal access to electricity before the 2030. Even few weeks before, PM Narendra Modi announced that all the villages in the country have been electrified.

It is surprising to know that reports for World Bank and India are different. India is still less than 80 percent electrification while World Bank holds it for 85%. It is because World Bank has used the methodology of household survey for identifying India’s electrification capacity. It also counted those who are off grid while the figures of the government are based on official utility connection.

image credit: financialexpress

World Bank further says that Bangladesh and Kenya are faster in electrification than India. However, India is now entering final stage of electrification. Even India will now face challenge to provide electrification to remote areas of the country.

Going through India’s tremendous electrification effort, it is expected that 250 million people will have electricity access by early 2020s.



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