New Feature: Apple and Paytm join hands to make payments as seamless as you’d always wanted. Know More!

Life is becoming more innovative by the day – It is evident from Paytm’s new feature which will send payments on your command. Yes, you heard it right! Paytm has joined hands with Apple to bring this feature for its common users.

The new Paytm update will let iOS users send payments to anyone on Paytm by their command to Siri – the artificial intelligence-based personal assistant which completes tasks. Until today, Siri was used to sending messages, open playlists, call people, read out emails. But from today onwards, you will also be able to send money with the help of Siri.

The Hey Siri update has been introduced in the new Paytm update. It can be used by anyone having an Apple phone. This removes the long process of launching the app, hunting for the payee name and

Here is the step by step process of how it works:

Step 1: Open Siri by giving your command to Siri

Step 2: Then tell what amount needs to be transferred to whom. E.g.: Say, “transfer Rs 10000 to Bunny.”

Step 3: Siri will then prompt you to choose from the payment options.

Step 4: Select Paytm. It will then ask you to whom do you want to transfer payments?

Step 5: Before sending money, Siri will also confirm it once.

Step 6: After the amount is sent, you will also receive a confirmation for the amount.

Not only this, Apple’s new 11.4 software update supports multi-room audio, stereo pairing and Messages in iCloud. This update is available for iPhone and iPad and comes with the sync compatibillity. You will now also be able to store messages across your different Apple devices in iCloud.

The new update will not only let you store your messages, photos but alos any kind of other attachments in iCloud. What’s better than this? This will create more space in your devices. All your data will be there in your access with just a common sign in.