IPL Has Brought the Immunity from Fear In The Indian Cricketers – Whatmore

Virat Kohli led the Indian team for U-19 World Cup victory in Malaysia in 2008 under the guidance of Coach Dev Whatmore. It was his first international level success which was quite considerable. Ravindra Jadeja was the vice-captain of the team and appeared as a crucial holder of the victory. It’s been almost 10 years and Dav Whatmore couldn’t expect less from Kohli for being top batsman in the world cricket.

IPL Is not a novice tournament now as it has created enough history of its own.

In a recent interview of Dav Whatmore, the veteran coach gave considerable contribution to it.

When asked that, how the tournament has evolved over last 10 years, Whatmore said that the tournament interests not only players but also umpires, coached and staff. In fact, many countries are in strive to get something similar done because it also becomes source to a handsome income.

He was also asked about the if the tournament benefitted the IPL to which he talked about the benefits of players. Players not only get to play with the skilled and experienced players from other countries but also players from India.

From last 10 years, they are getting this opportunity to groom up their skills and get a versatile ground to rise higher in the field.

When asked about Virat Kohli’s evolution in these years, he talked about his uniformity. He hasn’t seen much change in his approach of handling things as he has always been assertive with his game and a leader.

We all know about Virat’s out bursting and unforgiving temper. When Whatmore was asked about Virat’s jumbling aggression which crosses the line many a times, he defended Virat’s approach by tagging it as a learning procedure. Whatmore said, “I think essentially you are what you are and it is not an easy job. I think he will improve as a leader with time”.