ISRO will launch Military Satellites in 2018; Know more


Indian Space Research Organisation i.e. ISRO is all preparing to launch few important satellites in the upcoming months. These satellites are very significant for the defence system of the country as few of them will be used by the military to keep an eye on hostile neighbours countries and safeguard our land and sea borders. Know more about them.

In September this year, ISRO will launch a satellite, Gsat-7A, for the Indian Air Force for surveillance. While an advanced remote sensing satellite, Risat-2A, for surveillance purpose by the end of 2018. Gsat-7A, will enable the IAF to interlink different ground radar stations, airbases and AWACS aircraft. Apart from this, it will also help in boosting network-centric warfare capabilities and enhancing global operations of IAF. This satellite is similar to Gsat-7 or Rukmini, which was launched on September 29, 2013, exclusively for the Navy. Talking about Risat-2A, it is an advanced remote sensing satellite that will boost the country’s surveillance capabilities.

image credit: indiatimes

It will carry sophisticated synthetic aperture radar that will help in earth observation irrespective of the light and weather conditions of the area. It will be used for land mapping as well as for analysis of the ocean surface.
Besides the military satellites, Isro will also launch its “heaviest satellite ever” Gsat-11 weighing 5.7 tonnes by June. This is a heavy-duty communication satellite which will provide high bandwidth connectivity with up to 14 gigabit per second (gbps) data transfer speed. Along with this, Gsat-29, a communication satellite, will also be the launched in June.



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