Jammu Aap Shambu Temple Discretion: All insights

communal tension in jammu

A sheer case of vandalism was witnessed yesterday in Jammu’s Aap Shambu Temple. A “mentally disturbed” man entered the ancient temple in the evening time and recklessly behaved inside it. The police informed the media that the man broke few things and windowpanes without even thinking once before performing in such an unlikely manner.

The moment other people got to know about his absurd behavior of this man, they all  gathered outside the temple in huge numbers and started protesting for the sake of temple’s sanctity. All the protestors insisted on immediate arrest of the intruder who messed up with the temple’s authority, artifacts and most importantly peoples religious sentiments.

Jammu Temple Discretion: All insights

Protesters also took to throwing up of stones and burning of vehicles because for them any such insane behavior cannot be accepted. Police had to resort to tear gas bombs and light weight canes to calm the boiling crowd of these protesters, who officially initiated a curfew like scenario.   It is now that the aggression levels have got down informed the police attendants.

Simrandeep Singh, the Deputy Commissioner of the district said that “The one who tried to vandalise the religious place has also been arrested and the officer who earlier “did not take action” against the man who allegedly vandalised the temple, has been suspended.

Once the atmosphere attains its natural balance, the police should make sure whether the culprit behind this Jammu Aap Shambu Temple Discretion  is sane in medical terms or not because the country like India where everyone unites in the name of religion, an act like this will not be forgotten not it will be forgiven.



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