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FORCE 2: A Path Already Taken

The Action thriller ’FORCE2’ starring John Abraham, Sonakshi  Sinha and Tahir Raj which has released today has been unable to meet up Audience’s expectations.  .   The story starts in the backdrop wherein  three  RAW agents are killed in China. One of the victim is Harish, Inspector Yash’s (John Abraham)best friend. Before dying, Harish intelligently leaves a clue for Yash to identify the movements happening at an even mammoth scale.

Quite palpable , Inspector Yash accompanied by Agent KK(Sonakshi Sinha) track down Shiv Sharma (Tahir Raj Bhasin), an employee working at the Indian Embassy  of Budapest. Both Yash and KK uncover that Shiv spreads information about RAW agents through pamphlets. In between the movie , Shiv’s story arouses an interest element in the story when a Beautiful girl proposes him. Tahir tries hard to bring On-screen drama to life by creating convolutions for the detectives. All the efforts however get buried in the obviousness of the story.

John is looking as daunting and dashing as ever. His performance is brilliant and quite much effortless. He is thoroughly in the skin of the Yash’s character.  He rushes through quite impressively while lifting those apparently heavy motors .John has been impeccable in his performance despite an almost flat script. That Super Toned Physique is enough for getting rid of the’ Bad Boys’ in the movie. All the Girls going to watch the movie are likely to go all GAGA over that those dapper looks.

Sonakshi’s role is not long enough to actually judge her on performance. However, She has proved herself while dressed in collared shirts flaunting those raised eyebrows adding to the impact of the intimidating look .

‘Force2’  is a typical Acting thriller as far as the music is concerned .  There is a remake of ‘Kaante Nahi Kat-te’ which  plays as the movie furthers . Cinematography is undoubtedly wonderful.  Scenic beauty of Europe(Budapest and Berlin majorly)  is beautifully captured . Series of action scenes are lined up for the audience with quite likeable swiftness and energy.

The plot is quite comparable to a Text Book Thriller. The audience is likely to observe several ‘Deja Vu ‘moments throughout the showtime. The movie could have received extensive praise only if a few elements were more gripping scenes.

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