Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Simran’ trailer proves that Kangana is still at the top of her game!

Stepping into the new shoes of being a shoplifter and a gambler, Kangana Ranaut is back into action with the release of her next flick Simran, a much-anticipated film for the year.

Kangana plays the role of Praful, who is a divorcee and is living in New York. While Kangana’s witty-cum out-of the-box remarks and comments will keep you intrigued, Kangana’s conversation with her parents is a must to watch out for.

The chic who ‘lives life to the fullest’ has all things topsy-turvy around the world which surrounds her. However, she stays calm and cool throughout. She is a pro at wooing men with her cheesy one-liners.

The essence of the film is captured beautifully through various actions shots and scenes.

Here are the one-liners which will surely intrigue you and leave you wanting for more. Read here:

“Boyfriend hona koi character flaw thodi hai. Ladke patana toh talent hota hai.”

Ise imaarte rok nahi sakti, raaste baandh nahi sakte. Ye hawaa azaad hai.”

“Are you tired?” she asks a boy. After a moment, she clarifies, “because you are running in my mind.” 

On being asked if she has children, she quips “I have parents.”

In a nutshell, Praful is an imperfect combination of Queen and Tannu, from the last played by Kangana.

Getting the film into some serious controversies, there were a series of allegations and rumours had it that Kangana was upset with no credit given to her for film editing and film scripting. However, director Mehta rubbished the news.

The film was largely shot in wide pockets of Atlanta in the States, which has been integrated into the trailer beautifully. See here:

Directed by Hansal Mehta, Simran is co-produced by Bhushan and Krishan Kumar’s T-Series Films and Mehta’s Karma Pictures. It is slated to release on 15 September.