Kerala Man Wins 1 Crore Lottery Just Hours Before Selling His House

Kerala man has won an 1 crore lottery hours before selling a house.
Kerala man has won an 1 crore lottery hours before selling a house.

Mohammed Bava, 50, who was suffering from a severe financial crisis, begged for some luck in his life, and it was granted. Just two hours before receiving the modest advance for his recently constructed property that was put up for sale in a distress sale, the Almighty granted his prayers in the shape of a Rs. 1 crore Kerala lottery.

A resident of Manjeshwar in this area of north Kerala, he was in urgent need of cash to pay back a debt of approximately 50 lakh that he had borrowed from family members as well as a loan he had taken out from a bank.

For the weddings of his two daughters and to make up for the losses he had incurred in the real estate industry, he borrowed a sizable sum of money. Bava made the decision not to sell his home in light of the happiness and prosperity it now contained. “The lottery was mine. Therefore, it is unnecessary to sell this home. All of our problems will be resolved when we win the reward, “Bava informed the media.

He claimed that the loss he had experienced in the business was causing him concern. But Bava answered, “The Almighty finally showed me a method.

On Sunday afternoon, the 50-year-old guy purchased tickets for the Kerala government’s Fifty-Fifty lottery from a hawker in the hopes of finding a means to escape his debt burden.

“By 3:30 PM on Sunday, the lottery’s outcome was made public. Fortunately, I won the award. The purchasers had told us earlier in the day that they would arrive to deliver my house’s symbolic advance by 5.30 p.m., claimed the man, a father of five kids.

“However, this house was packed with guests who had come to learn about the windfall when they arrived. The purchasers expressed their delight at the fortunate win, according to Bava. He claimed that he didn’t frequently purchase lottery tickets.

“I personally knew that lottery agent, and he used to hand me some tickets when he drove by my house. I purchased this particular ticket out of pure anxiety because I had no idea what to do.” Bava said.