KOFFEE WITH KARAN: I want Deepika and Ranveer to make babies like me -Ranbir

Not many episodes have been  aired since the beginning of the ‘Koffee with Karan’ Season5 ,but the most enthralling and fun-filled was indubitably the last episode which had Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor as guests. Host Karan Johar brought the two most dashing men to the ‘Couch of confession’ to speak about everything from life,movies and ladies (Ofcourse!).

There was a pre-show visual which left us wanting for more. The duo envied Karan’s possessions from shoes to couture. They even went vocal about Karan’s paycheque and claimed that ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ thrusted solely upon talent to become a big hit(Well! Anything wrong about it ?!)

Karan Johar was shown rehearsing for his opening lines. He narrated that the two men are all guns glazing heading towards success. He went on to reiterate that both are separated by A)a letter in their names B)by a leading lady.

Where the most surprising confessions are treated as normal statements(Although, the buzz created around it continues to knock down the actor for next 6 months). Ranbir Kapoor suggested that ‘conjectures’ which root from this show create falsified perceptions about an actor. (In a funny way, though). The macho man, Ranveer Singh  swept away everybody with his free spirited dialogues and irreplaceable style . He was as blunt in his answers and in between talks.

Surprisingly, Ranbir Kapoor went on record to say what he feels about Deepika and Ranveer. He said ,”I wish they see it through and make awesome babies together who resemble him .” On being single, he said, “Being single is boring.If you want space and all, you should join NASA.”

On being asked to express what both feel about ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ranveer said, “He gives wings to me. He is self-admittedly an actor’s director.” On being asked why Ranbir has not worked after’ ‘Saawariyan’, he said,” He is the most cinematic influence. He also leveraged him for adding magic to the frame.

The newest moment at the show was the ‘Kiss with them’ segment. They had got an addition to the couch –Arjun Kapoor categorically for this segment. With two sitting on either sides,they were supposed to kiss Arjun for all those instances they have been subject to.

Ranveer Singh termed Deepika Padukone as a ‘perfect marriage material’. She accused Anushka Sharma for being so mean to him .

The dynamic duo effortlessly infused a high spirit of comradeship and diffused friction which only reportedly exists between contemporaries. With energy-filled and insanely witty rapid fire answers, the show was blazing with fire throughout the episode. The show ended with the threesome taking trademark selfies with fancy  pouts and weird poses .



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