Make your partner go aww struck with these teddy ideas

happy teddy bear day images

The entire valentine week beginning from 7th February to 14th February comes with a special day as the week proceeds and gives us an excuse to please our loved ones with special gifts and surprises. Love does not need an occasion to be celebrated. But as the week gives us special days to celebrate it with deeper intensity, why not? 10th February marks the Teddy Day. Awww, who does not love big fat teddies? We all have played with them once, haven’t we?

No matter how old be grow, but a cute teddy always makes us feel special. Today it’s a chance to take your love a level ahead and make your partner fall for you all over again. Confused how shall you celebrate this Teddy Day? Why to worry when we are here! Here are some ideas to make out.

Two small teddies with a heart:

This is undoubtedly one of the cutest present you may gift your partner. Two little teddies holding hands with a heart in between are all enough to say your love for your sweetheart.
happy teddy bear day pics

Hugging couple teddies:

This way you are not just gifting your partner teddy, but also conveying them your adorable love. Like the teddies, believe us, they would also hug you in return.


Teddy pillow:

Never heard of that? Its two little teddies at the each end holding the big fat pillow or teddies with phrases made on a pillow set. With this, whenever your partner would go to bed at night, they would be thinking of nothing else but you.

Big teddy with a saying:

You can win your partner’s heart all over again with giant teddies like these saying phrases like, “Be Mine”, “Love You”, “Specially For You” etc.
teddy bear day ideas

Go grab one, celebrate love and thank us later!

Love is all around. Happy Teddy Day  (:



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