Manish Malhotra shared insights into his beautiful bond with Sridevi

The friendship of ace designer Manish Malhotra and late Sridevi Kapoor is not hidden from anybody. At one point, Manish Malhotra was called the bestest friend of Sridevi. And rightly so. The designer recently gave a tribute to Sridevi and this would only make us rewind the time and have the gone beauty back.

The death of Sridevi had put everybody in shock. The actress’ untimely death had many film aficionados mourning the loss with a heavy heart. The actress breathed her last on February 24, 2018, and the memories are still seemingly lingering in our hearts and minds. If the common man is having her in thoughts, the people closest to her would be enamored for her. Manish Malhotra has been constantly sharing beautiful pictures of himself and Sridevi in remembrance of fond memories.

The designer couldn’t resist but come on record to give everyone a sneak peek into the beautiful bond he shared with Sridevi. He said that Sridevi knew how to give 200% to family and all close relationships. She never missed my event or shows, he said. He also noted that it was the last seven years when they became really good friends.Designer Malhotra then talked out what he bonded on. We would talk about food, movies, and clothes, he said. We would either talk about Janhvi’s debut film or how beautiful was Khushi looking at cousin Mohit Marwah’s wedding.

Manish also confessed that he still wishes his phone would ring to discuss an outfit and a project they could work on. He said that they became close friends in the last seven years and that she always made it a point to attend his shows and returned the love and admiration. Well, we still being too far from Sridevi, can feel the shockwaves. Not only us, the entire world is still mourning the huge loss.



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