Mega Gangster Anandpal: A hair-raising life story which will give you goosebumps

Mega gangster Anandpal was born to a constable in Rajasthan Armed Constabulary on May 31, 1974. As time would have it, a constable’s son took to dirty and cringe-worthy activities and emerged as a major threat to the society at large.


Anandpal was the eldest of all his siblings and completed Class VIII in his own village, after which he moved to Nimod village for completing Class X. Afterwards, he got admission into Deedwana Bangad school where he completed his Class XII. He then completed his college in 1998 from Sujala college in Sujangarh.

Early career phase

After completing his college, Anandpal went to Ladnun after taking some money from his family. In 1997, Anandpal bought a cement agency and started his business. Afterward, he started indulging in the ‘Hawala business’ in Jaipur. Anandpal used to trade money to the tune of Rs 1.5-3 crore in a month.

In 1999, Anandpal opened a liquor shop in Sujangargh. He thrashed and injured a few workers at the liquor shops, which landed him a case in the ‘Sandwa’ jail. From 1995-1998, a host of cases was filed against Anandpal who along with his brother Manjeet. In a short span of 3 years from 1995-1998, a total of 4 cases were filed against Anandpal.

Anandpal: A lineage of murders and killings 

Anandpal fought elections from the Sanvrad block and won twice as Panchayat Samiti member and Ladnun Panchayat Samiti.

In 2001, Anandpal and his allies Anil, Surendra Mali, Manish Arya and brother Manjeet hatched a conspiracy for then Youth Congress President Khairaj Jat, who owned a medical store in Ladnun and was an integral part of the Harjiram Burdak family.

In 2004, Anandpal killed Nanuram Singh Jat in an absolutely barbaric act. He cut Nanuram’s body parts in half and dipped it into acid and threw the destroyed parts on the road.

In 2004, Anandpal brutally thrashed an innocent man named Malaram Jat Sarpanch and made him permanently disabled.

In 2012, Anandpal was caught red-handed by ATS and SOG at a Phaagi situated farmhouse. Anandpal was caught with arms and ammunition.

In 2014, Anandpal and his allies killed a couple of commoners including Jayprakash.

Anandpal behind the bars

Even while Anandpal was behind the bars, he didn’t cease to murder people and widow many Rajput women. Anandpal directed his brothers Gattu and Vikki to kill Gumanaram. In this connection, a case against Anandpal has been filed in Sandwa area.

Not only this, Anandpal hatched a conspiracy to kill Himmat Singh, while he was counting days in the prison.

In September 2015, Anandpal escaped and scurried away from the prison. Later, he killed Khumaram Kaani, looted SUV cars from Jamsar, and opened fire on the police head Ladu Singh, extorted a sum of Rs 30 lakh from Kripal Singh and rest is history.

The mega gangster Anandpal died on 24th June 2017, when he was killed in cross firing between Police and him.

Anandpal was a face of threat and horror for 99.9% of the common people, remaining 0.1% belongs to his own people, who had joined hands with Anandpal in the dirty occupation. His death was really an end of the Raees era.