Mohammad Shami Faced Stereotype Criticism On Christmas Pics – Earned Support From Fans

In recent news, Mohammad Shami (fast bowler) has been going through sheer criticism at social media for his better half, Hasin Jahan’s poor choice of clothes. This has been taken as “un-islamic” behaviour and the personality from Amroha has slammed back hard on such ruthless criticism. He got plethora of support, mainly from sportsman Mohammad Kaif and Javed Akhtar (Bollywood writer), who promptly disapproved the criticism.

After the Christmas celebration, Shami shared the joyful moments spent with his family on social media. He title the pictures as “Beautiful moments” on Twitter and Facebook and expressed his love for his daughter and wife. All of them were donned in western outfits, with Shami wearing a matching coloured tie with his wife’s without sleeves maroon coloured gown.

On this, he faced remarks from Sabas Afreen like, “We hate you shami. .. apni aurat ki izzat ki nilami mat karo Bhai…”Allah se daro…Islam ko badnam mat karo”. Also, people like Anwar Mathammal even referred his wife as his “property” saying, “This beauty private property of u..dear …not showing 4 others..”

These poisonous comments prevailed heavily  for a while on all over Twitter and Facebook but soon were outdistanced from the comments of sane minded people like Goushul Aziz. Aziz said, “Idiots get your home correct than put fingers on others. Don’t create bad image of yourself by publicly showing you idiotic comments. Allah is there to judge who is correct whoz not (sic)”.

Reciprocating to all baseless comments, the cricketer tweeted on Monday saying, “Har kisi ko jindagi mai mukam ni milta, kuch kismat wale hi hote hai jinhe ye nasib hota hai.! Jalteee (sic) rahooooo (Not everyone gets to a good position in life. A few fortunate ones do. Keep getting jealous!)”