My soldiers will be equipped with weapons that their rivals won’t even think of: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi, PM Modi, Narendra Modi
File image of PM Narendra Modi
PM Narendra Modi, PM Modi, Narendra Modi
File image of PM Narendra Modi

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that India is creating a new defence ecosystem where exports are increasing and imports are decreasing.

Modi stated, “We created the habit of depending on foreign nations for even the simplest items,” while speaking at a naval event in Delhi. We were dependent on the goods imported from abroad just like heroin addicts do. We worked on a mission mode after 2014 to establish a new defence ecology with the aid of “Sabka Prayas,” after learning from the methods of the past.

He asserted that “aatmanirbharta” (self-reliance) in defence is essential for India in the twenty-first century. “The first phase is to produce 75 homegrown techs for the Navy by August 15 of next year. By the time we commemorate India’s 100th anniversary of independence, the defence should have reached previously unheard-of levels.

Modi continued by discussing the equipment that the nation’s military will be using in the following days. “We are talented. Allowing my forces to enter battle with the same 10 weapons that everyone else uses is not wise. I can’t take that chance. He said, “My jawan will have something that the adversary won’t even consider.

According to Modi, his administration has boosted the defence budget over the past eight years and made sure it supports the growth of India’s defence manufacturing industry.

The budget set up for the purchase of defence equipment is largely being used to acquire items from Indian businesses. Our imports of defence products have decreased by around 21% during the last four to five years. We are quickly transitioning from being a significant importer of defence to a significant exporter,” he continued.

The PM introduced “SPRINT,” a joint effort between NIIO and DIO that supports pole vaulting in research and development through iDEX, NIIO, and TDAC.

Rajnath Singh, the defence minister, had earlier said, “We have attained self-reliance in many areas, and as a result, a new image of India has formed in the international community. 

Last fiscal year, the Navy spent over 64% of its capital budget on domestic purchases under “Aatma Nirbhar Abhiyaan,” and this year, that percentage will rise to 70%.