Myntra’s hierarchy change continues, after CEO, CMO and CFO also quit

Myntra CEO, Myntra CMO, CFO
Myntra CMO and CFO has also quit after CEO
Myntra CEO, Myntra CMO, CFO
Myntra CMO and CFO has also quit after CEO

Myntra’s fashion market has worsened at the leadership level as CFO Rameshbahuna and CMO Harish Narayanan have canceled, said Amar Nagaram, CEO of the company. Told employees in an internal report, Sunday memorandum.

A few weeks after Nagaram retires, he departs almost three years after being appointed head of the fashion electronics market. Nagaram will serve as CEO until December this year and will serve as an advisor to the fashion market.

Mr Nagaram said in an internal memo that Sriram Benkatraman, chief financial officer of Myntra’s parents’ Flipkart Group, will replace Mintra’s interim chief financial officer in that position. “At this point, when Myntra is ready to take a new step, Group Chief Financial Officer Srilam Benkatraman will be the lead advisor to the leadership team as Interim Chief Financial Officer in the coming months. This decision is made when Myntra’s Chief Financial Officer, Ramesh Bafna, who has worked for the Flipkart Group for the past seven years, decides to pursue career opportunities outside the company. Ramesh made a significant contribution during his tenure at Myntra and strengthened his financial function, “said Nagaram, adding that Narayanan would look for opportunities in the field of educational technology.

The long-standing evolution of Myntra has been made possible by a range of talented leaders, including Harish Narayanan. Under his leadership, Myntra’s marketing capabilities have been digitized to enhance content and business play. “In pursuit of a passion for the early stages, I decided to write the next chapter of my career in education and engineering almost two and a half years later,” Nagaram said in a letter on Sunday.

Both Bahna and Narayanan will remain in Myntra until January 2022.

“Harish and Ramesh have been passionate about investing in Myntra’s growth and evolution over the years. They will continue their duties in Myntra until January 2022 to ensure a smooth transition. Thank you for leaving a strong legacy and sharing many memorable moments when moving on to the terminology of Myntra, “said Nagaram. Myntra appointed Sharon Pais as Chief Commercial Officer (CBO) last month. Pace was previously responsible for loyalty and travel at Flipkart.

On Friday, a report was released that Myntra announced that it had appointed Nanditasin as its new CEO from January 1, 2022. Shinha will participate in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle markets of the Flipkart Group company, Vice President of Customer Growth. And marketing. The company said on Friday.



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