NaMo’s US Trip is on Donald Trump’s invite; first world leader to have working dinner with US Prez

Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi who departed for his three-country trip today will become the fist Prime Minister to share the dining table with US President Donald Trump.

Who made the first move?

Modi’s visit to the States has been fuelled by both geographic ends. However, in a statement posted on Facebook, Modi cleared that the two-day visit was at the back of Trump’s invitation for the same.

Meetings and Delegations

A crucial bilateral meeting has been scheduled for June 26. Both the leaders will have a couple of hours to each other, to understand each other, etc. Apart from boosting indo-US trade ties, the meeting may also prove to be the turning point for both countries for initiating counter-terrorism initiatives.

A special delegation level talk will also be organised. A slew of topics like the H-1B Visa, drone sales, etc. is expected to be raised at the meet.

Top US officials to act as Representatives and Spokespersons

‘If reports are to be believed, Trump has designated its top officials as the representatives for the coming days. Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Secretary James Mattis, the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, the National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. H R McMaster, the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson are expected to play an important role during NaMo’s visit.

It is important to remember that Trump will be hosting a special working dinner for Modi, which is first of its kind after the leader got elected as the US President.

PM Modi also took to Twitter to express the main agenda behind the trip. “My USA visit is aimed at deepening ties between our nations. Strong India-USA ties benefit our nations & the world,” he tweeted.PM Modi explained this visit as a “forward-looking vision” for the bilateral partnership and further consolidate the robust and wide- ranging ties.


“President Trump and I have spoken on the telephone prior to this. Our conversations have touched upon our common intent to take forward our productive all round engagement for the mutual benefit of our people,” he said. “I look forward to this opportunity to have an in-depth exchange of views on further consolidating the robust and wide-ranging partnership between India and the United States,” PM Modi added.

The first leg of the tour is Portugal followed by the US and then the Netherlands. We hope the trip is as successful as enriching for both the countries on every front–defence, anti-terrorism laws, trade ties, talent acquisition and more.



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