Narendra Modi pays tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on death anniversary

Sardar Patel

Vallabbhai Jhaverbhai Patel or Vallabbhai Patel was also Sardar Patel was the unifying factor in the country. He was political leader, lawyer and one of the most influential figures of India. In fact, he was the first home minister of free India. It is because of Sardar Patel that India is a united nation. The merger of more than 560 princely states with the Union of India after independence was the result of his efforts. Today is the death anniversary of the ‘Iron Man of India’.

Vallabbhai Patel died at the age of 75 on 15 December, 1950. For his contributions, the nation will always be indebted to him. On his death anniversary, PM Narendra Modi and many other leaders pay tribute to this revolutionary leader.



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