NBA Halftime Show Brings Khalibali-Malhari Mashup to the Court


Months after the performance on Ghoomar by a group of American dancers in the NBA Court, this time the halftime show witnessed a superb dance on yet another Ranveer Singh song. Recently, a group performed on the Khalibali-Malhari mashup. In the video, a group of girls and boys of different ages can be seen clad in traditional Indian attire in Green and Golden shades.

Here is the video showing the energetic dance performance on the Khalibali-Malhari mashup:

Source: YouTube

While Khalibali is a song from Padmaavat that released earlier this year, Malhari is a track from Bajirao Mastani, another Bhansali production. Apparently, the popularity of these songs has crossed all boundaries and reached all the way to America which is a matter of pride for Indians, specially Ranveer Singh fans.

There is a common element in both of the songs as these narrates the story of a ruler who is celebrating with his folks. Malhari is a song from Bajirao Mastani where, Ranveer played the role of Bajirao, a brave Maratha warrior who falls in love with Mastani. On the other hand, Khalibali is a song from the most controversial movie of the year Padmaavat in which he portrayed a grey shade character of Allauddin Khilji who was a cold, evil ruler and wanted to win over Rani Padmini.

Interestingly, Ranveer Singh’s performance took away all the limelight in both films as his acting skills easily overpower his co-star’s work. Almost everyone who watched Padmaavat was all praises for Ranveer’s performance. He not only played an utterly negative character but also pulled it off with great ease.

As far as this Khalibali-Malhari mashup performance at NBA is concerned, it’s a known fact that Americans are simply fascinated by the colors of India and the Bollywood dance. Nevertheless, we are definitely happy with the songs being featured at such an international level and we hope Ranveer keeps rocking the Hindi film industry the way he does.



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