Ness Wadia accusesed of abuse and assault by his driver, Police registers complaint

Ness Wadia is again making the headlines but not for any good reasons. The driver of the businessmen had accused him of beating and abusing him just because he was not able to make his owner reach on time at a certain place.

Well, let us take you through the entire scene. According to the complainant, Mr Ness Wadia, the industrialist started abusing the innocent driver and bashed him just because he could not manage to make his boss reach a certain place in just 10 minutes. Yes you heard that right. The driver was directed to drive from Parel in Central Mumbai to Fort in South Mumbai which is approximately 24 kilometres in exact 10 minutes.
ness-wadia-driverThe driver in his complaint has stated that he could not reach the place in the directed time limit and thus was assaulted and beaten by the owner. He said, “By the time I crossed JJ Flyover, the 10 minutes were up. This is when he started hitting me. He slapped me, and hit me on the head and the back. He abused me and used extremely foul language. I dropped him at the spot and returned home.”
The driver then approached the MRA Marg Police Station and registered his complaint.

The police officer said that they have registered the complained and are further investigating the entire case.