Nidahas Trophy 2018: How Dinesh Karthik’s Last Ball Six Led India to a Miraculous Win

Nidahas Trophy Dinesh Karthik

The final match of Nidahas Trophy between India and Bangladesh saw some interesting and unexpected twists till the very last moment. Had it not been the last ball six by Dinesh Karthik, we wouldn’t have been enjoying India’s win today. The miraculous shot has even brought Karthik at par with some best finishes in Twnety20 format.

Interestingly, India needed 35 runs from the last three overs and at one point many had lost hopes. However, Karthik’s stupendous score of 29 off 8 balls with 2 fours and 3 sixes totally changed the game. Although Vijay Shankar’s crucial 4 in the last over right before getting dismissed on Soumya Sarkar’s ball further boosted the total, India still needed 5 runs to win with just 1 ball remaining.

It was a nail-biting moment when Dinesh Karthik came on strike for the last ball of the match. Tensions had mounted and pressure had built up to such a level that not just audience but the players sitting in the pavilion had glued their eyes on the pitch. It was that shocking moment for Bangladesh when Dinesh pulled off a six at the very last ball leaving everyone gasping at the sight.

Nidahas Trophy 2018Courtesy: Indian Express

Indian players rushed to the ground and hugged Karthik amid excitement and fervor. Meanwhile, Bangladeshis almost paused at their places with hands buried in their faces, as they were deprived off the victory that was snatched from their hands, rather unexpectedly.

After the exceptional performance, Dinesh Karthik has made everyone realize his true caliber. Not just he led India to a 4-wicket victory but he also scored runs at a strike rate of 362.50 which is the joint-highest strike rate by an Indian in the format. Earlier, the record was held by Yuvraj Singh with the same strike rate when he scored 58 off 16 balls against England.

It’s important to note that Dinesh was kept at number 6 while Vijay Shankar S was kept at 5 despite not having any batting experience at an international level. Also, since India has Dhoni for the wicketkeeping, Karthik is usually selected when Dhoni is not playing. However, with an ace performance, the player has put forth his potential that needs to be given a fair chance, after all. Hopefully, the game will change a lot for Karthik and his true potential will be recognized after this marvelous innings.



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