It is not right time to reconsider AFSPA says Army Chief Rawat


There are news about withdrawing the Armed Forces Privileges Act (AFSPA). But, Bipin Rawat, the Army Chief General has dismissed all the possibilities of removal of AFSPA. He clarified that the time is crucial and they are not thinking about removal of AFSPA even a bit. He further added that the dialogue between the Defence and Home Ministries have already done on AFSPA. In fact, Army is taking adequate measures to protect human rights in troubled areas like Jammu and Kashmir.

Why has the demand to withdraw AFSPA raised?
It is known that AFSPA empowers the army and security forces with special security powers. The demand for removal of AFSPA has been raised allegedly on the account of misuse of powers in Jammu and Kashmir and various parts of Northeast.

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General Rawat on removal of AFSPA
General Bipin Rawat said that AFSPA would be discussed again by authorities. AFSPA has some stringent provisions and ensures that AFSPA will not trouble locals. General Rawat said that the army has its own rules for many campaigns at every level, so that people are not under any kind of trouble under AFSPA.

He also talked about the efforts of armed forces for the safety of nation. General Rawat also told that intelligence agencies and security forces are working together.



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