Now, ‘112’ will be ‘all-in-one’ emergency number in India

A single emergency helpline number- 112 will be launched in the country today that would provide immediate assistance to services like police (100), fire (101), health (108), women safety (1090) and child protection.

The emergency services, which were earlier launched in Himachal Pradesh and Nagaland, will be made available in 16 states and Union Territories and Mumbai city today. The emergency number will gradually be extended to other states as well.

‘112 India’ emergency helpline mobile app

The Ministry of Home Affairs will also launch 112 India mobile app on Google Play store and Apple store. For women and children, 112 India mobile app would provide a special ”SHOUT” feature which alerts registered volunteers in the vicinity of the victim for immediate assistance.

Panic call feature on 112 emergency helpline

There is another unique feature of this helpline. On smartphones, you can press power button three times quickly to activate the panic call to Emergency Response Centre (ERC). On normal phones, long press ‘5’ or ‘9’ to activate the panic call.

The emergency services can also be accessed online by logging on to the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) website. On the ERSS website, you can either send an emergency email or send SOS alert to Emergency Report Centre (ERC).

The states will have to set up a dedicated Emergency Response Centre (ERC). A team of trained call-takers and dispatchers will handle emergency requests relating to assistance from police, fire and rescue, health and other emergency services.

The 112 emergency helpline is a sponsored project that falls under the Union Home Ministry and is part of the Nirbhaya scheme.



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