Now, pay tax and get an airport lounge access, priority check-in. No kidding!

Some of the many exciting rewards which await the dutiful taxpayers are an early check-in at the airport or a separate toll lane, a meeting with the state governor and more. The best part is that the government wouldn’t be factoring in the amount of tax paid.

The government is always in a bid to increase the count of taxpayers. On these lines, it has been taking several measures to encourage people and inculcate in them the nationalism feelings of sorts – to pay tax.

To reinforce the determination to pay tax, the government has articulated various concepts and programmes which recognise honest taxpayers – it also brings about a culture of compliance in the entire country.

For this purpose, a committee has been set up under the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). The committee will be helming the programme and introducing different schemes for the citizens to become tax-friendly.

In the recent past, the government has kept black money practices on its radar. It has implemented compliance requirements and abiding legislation guidelines, while it moves forward on the path of breaking the former practices of celebrating the tax evaders – such as that seen in Congress raj. It has also introduced the benami law among several others to add to the process.

The government is applying the policy of punishment and reward. It is introducing laws to punish those who evade tax and also at the same time, coming up with new programmes to reward those who are paying. The wrongdoers have also implemented the Operation Clean Money for the same.

There will be various rewards and other recognitions for those who will be identified as obeying tax payers. The factors which will be judged upon will range from the seclusion from any prosecution activity, or penalization activity. Another factor which will come to the fore while selecting the candidate for accredition will be ‘Return filing’ – something which most people falter on, for reasons more than one.



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