Ola Offers Luxury This Month, BMW Rides Start At Just Rs. 250

BMWs Will Soon Fleet Across Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Hyderabad to Follow Next.

At some point in our life, we all have ogled at luxurious cars speeding across the city and dreamt of riding them someday. But then, when we look at our empty pockets, reality comes crashing down on us. Are you one of those people? Never mind, now’s the time to see your dreams come true. Transport giant Ola already has tie-ups with luxury car makers like Tata Motors, Jaguar, Mercedes. Toyota, Nissan and Mahindra under ‘Ola Lux’ and now they’ve added BMW to their ‘luxury travel’ category.

BMW India President Frank Schloeder signed a MoU (formal agreement) with Ola to revolutionize Indian streets with luxury mobility. If this got your heart racing, check out more perks that follow next.

ola luxury cabs

Happy Times Start for Ola Riders

Ola luxury rides starts at just Rs. 250. Yes, you heard it right. Bookings are available at minimum rate of Rs. 250 and the fare is Rs. 20-22 per kilometre. You can conveniently book rides on hourly basis vial Ola Rental app. Unfortunately, the vehicle will be initially available in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. However, the makers plan to add Hyderabad and other leading cities to the list. The idea is to provide quick mobility at reasonable rates without compromising on comfort and quality.

This is not all! Start counting your blessings, for the new OLA BMWs will have:

  • SOS touch buttons,
  • Live tracking system
  • Auto-Connect Wi-Fi with one time authentication on phones and
  • Ola Money feature for seamless payments.

Drivers & Car Owners Get to Taste Luxury As Well!

Ola and BMW plan to set up a special Driver Training program to offer certified training for drivers. Tour operators will familiarize drives with technical and safety aspects of BMW. This way, they’ll get professional advice on safe driving.

The sales service package comes with additional perks in terms of BMW Service/Repair Inclusive for a smooth, hassle-free ownership. This service is valid up to 3 years or 100,000 kilometres.  The makers will offer 100% financing, with 2-year insurance free maintenance and assured buyback guarantee.

According to Pranay Jiivrajka, CEO at Ola, both staff and customers look forward to this opportunity. This feature will further increase their sales statistics. Well, we couldn’t agree more! Customers are super-excited to try it! We anxiously wait for BMWs to arrive in our cities, as well!