Omicron alert in Karnataka: Portraying how Omicron can infect and path to follow

Omicron cases, Karnataka
2 Omicron cases has been detected in Karnataka
Omicron cases, Karnataka
2 Omicron cases has been detected in Karnataka

Concerned about the discovery of two Omicron cases in Karnataka, a recognised News Channel spoke with Dr Vishal Rao, a member of the Genome Oversight Committee of the Covid State Task Force, about how the doctor from Bengaluru got infected and the path to follow.

1. A person with the disease has no recent travel history, saying “there may be issues that may have some impact on foreign travellers based on a mixed disease”.
He said the police were very careful and that “there is no way to get Omicron back,” besides the Omicron brand which may have entered Bengaluru first.

2. When asked if the state could see further restrictions, Dr Rao said the ban could have serious repercussions. “Karnataka has done a very good job of keeping this example below 1%. They have a dangerous job to deal with. No matter what you invest in medical care, ventilator, oxygen, this method will be smarter and safer.”

3. Referring to the role citizens can play in preventing the spread of the disease, he said the shutdown was “the end of control”. Dr Rao said, “The role of the public is essential to advance, achieve and enable appropriate behaviour in response to COVID-19,” said Dr Rao.

4. When asked if this could be the third launch of COVID-19 in India, Dr Rao said there were no such signs. “At the moment, there is no indication that this is the third wave. “Let’s not rush to claim victory at this point,” he said.



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