Pakistan to Continue its Engagement with US despite the freeze of Security Aid

Recently, US declared that it’s going to suspend the security aid which it has been providing to Pakistan until Islamabad takes an action against terror groups network. This declaration came out when US President Donald Trump criticized Pakistan for “deceit and lies” and for providing safe haven to the terrorists. He also mentioned that the US has been giving the financial aid for the past 15 years but in return, Pakistan isn’t doing anything to curb the terrorists’ networks.

The State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert stated that Pakistan must take “decisive action” against Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network. However, she didn’t talk about what kind of action is desired to be taken. Furthermore, the statement also mentioned that as of now, no security-related funds shall be transferred. The total amount withheld by the US is believed to be more than USD 2 Billion.

To this, Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence tweeted in reply:

However, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua said that Pakistan will continue its engagement with the US and will need to come up with a measured response to Trump’s remarks. She said that Pakistan is trying to analyze the reason behind Trump’s tweet, citing it as a possible outcome of US not doing well in Afghanistan. She even pointed out that a possible reason behind this situation could be China’s supremacy over economic and military power, which is perceived as a challenge to US dominance.