PM Modi makes a Congratulatory call to Imran Khan, talks about Peace and Development

Imran Khan Pm Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently made a congratulatory call to Imran Khan after his big victory in Pakistan. Modi congratulated the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader for his party emerging as the largest political party in the assembly elections.

As per a statement from his office, PM Modi also expressed hope that democracy will take deeper roots in Pakistan. Furthermore, he reiterated his vision of peace and development in the entire neighborhood.

The Impending Prime Minister Imran Khan will take oath on August 11. Mr. Khan announced on Monday that his party has acquired enough seats in the lower house to form the government through a coalition,

Earlier on Thursday, Imran Khan said that he would offer an olive branch to India and that the two nations should resolve the Kashmir issue. He talked at length about Indo-Pak relations and said that “if India takes one step, Pakistan will take two”.

In his winning speech, he also talked about carrying out trade with India so as to strengthen Pakistan’s economy. Soon after his win in the elections, India also chose to intensify contacts with PTI members who will have a crucial role in the governance.

Since Imran Khan has emerged as the leader in Pakistan and his party has emerged as the largest party, many are hoping that his leadership would change things between the two nations.

The fact that Imran Khan had spent a lot of time in India during his cricket tours as the captain of Pakistan cricket team further ensures that he is thoughtful of mending the ties between India and Pakistan. Many celebrities also congratulated him for his win and expressed hope about a peaceful future.



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