PM Modi reminds everyone Of ‘Limits’ As Law Minister, Chief Justice Cross Words

The Prime Minister and Chief Justice Dipak Misra currently underwent a verbal feud which has invariably taken all the attention. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a huge impetus to the legislature, the judiciary and the executive, Chief Justice Dipak Misra and law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad presented a bone of contention as they discussed the limits of the three wings.

The address was on November 26, also known as the National Law Day, a day which is known to celebrate the adoption of country’s governing document.

PM Modi, however, clarified that the three wings are part of the same family. Hence, all three should work towards strengthening each other. PM Modi also said that one should not forget about duties while fighting for rights.

“The three branches are members of the same family… we do not have to prove anyone right or wrong. We know our strengths, we know our weaknesses,” PM Modi said at a gathering of judges and advocates at the National Law Day event in New Delhi.

PM Modi also quoted Dr. Ambedkar and said, “The legislature may be free to frame any law, the executive may be free to take any decision, and the Supreme Court may be free to give any interpretation of the law.”

“But the need of the hour is that we strengthen one another. One branch understands the needs of the other. And in this, legislature, executive, and judiciary must move ahead staying within the limits created by the Constitution,” he added.

The Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad addressed the gathering before PM Modi. He said “The judiciary of the principle of separation of powers between the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive.”

“The founding fathers of the constitution clearly wanted government must be left in the realm of those elected to govern by the people of India and accountable to the people through the instrument of parliament,” he said.



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