Police Probe Revealed Zakir Naik’s Family Accounts Were Credited With Rs 60 Crore In Past Three Years From Three Different Countries

Mumbai police had been investigating and the recent probe has found that a total of 60 crore rupees was deposited in controversial televangelist Zakir Naik’s bank account. This huge amount has been desposited by 3 different countries in the past 3 years. “The amount was transferred to five accounts belonging to Naik’s family members,” a police officer who did not wish to be named said.

A senior police official said, “We still don’t know what this money was meant for. We have done an inquiry and found the money trail. The money was transferred to family members’ accounts.”

The officer further cleared that the bank account belong to Zakir Naik and  does not belong to the NGO that he runs named Islamic Reserach Foundation (IRF).Police is now looking into the financial transactions that has been done in the past 3 years from the bank account of Naik and the IRF. The police officer said, “We will investigate each alleged transaction and seek detailed statements from the bank. We will first record the statements of bankers and others, and then of Naik’s family once preliminary investigations are complete.”

“We may question them about the source of income, the connection between the depositors and Naik,” said the officer.

A source close to Naik however said, “There is no illegal transaction. The money came into the bank account, and all the records of IRF have been cleared till 2015 by the Income-Tax department. Whatever money came is in white and all the records are maintained. This also helps the country’s foreign exchange to grow.”

Sources further said, “Mumbai police are also probing the accounts of an international school run by Naik. A police inquiry report, submitted to commissioner D D Padsalgikar recently, was compiled after going through the bank statements and money transfers.”

Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra had said, “In the probe, several new facts have come to light. Naik’s activities are illegal. Statements made by a section of youths, who had links with the Islamic State and Indian Mujahideen, also point to the unlawful activities of IRF. We will take the strongest possible action in consultation with the law and judiciary department and MHA.”