Pothole claims life of woman doctor in Maharashtra

maharashtra pothole incidence

The twenty-one-year-old doctor died when a vehicle fell off a two-wheeler as it slid on a pothole in the Thane district of Maharashtra and told the police on Thursday.

The incident happened late in the night of Wednesday when Neha Shaikh, a Kudus village resident who was supposed to marry next month, went home from Bhiwanda after shopping for her wedding, Police Assistant Inspector Mahesh Sagde said.

When her brother was driving the pillion of the two-wheelers, she lost balance and fell on the road as the vehicle sped across a pothole near the junction of Dugadh.

Sage added that after the accident, a truck that passed by crushed her under her tires, he said.

A violation of the Indian Penal Code section 304-A (causing death by negligence) against an unidentified lorry conductor was alleged, he said.

He added that no arrest was made so far.

Subsequently, many Shramjeevi Sanghatana members, who worked for tribal welfare, rushed up to the Angaon toll booth next to which the misfortune occurred.

President Pramod Pawar, the youth wing of the Organization, claimed many lives this year for the Pothole-ridden road and sought the registration of a case against the company responsible for building and maintaining roads, and against the Department of Public Works.

He said they would not allow the toll booth to operate and would continue to sit in their “peaceful chaos” until their demands were met.



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