The Truth behind Pratapgarh Lynching: Was Zafar Khan Really Murdered?

The unfortunate death of Pratapgarh’s Zafar Khan is an eye-opener for Indians. When the entire country looks forward to a glorious, progressive future, incidents like Pratapgarh lynching pull us one step behind, delivering a direct blow to humanity. At this moment, when we’re supposed to emphasize with the deceased’s family and find a way to prevent such happenings in the future, people are busy playing politics over his death. This makes us think that what has the world come to? Have people stooped so low that they have to use a dead person for political publicity and cheap TRP?

Here’s the bitter truth behind Zafar Khan’s death.

File Photo of late Zafar Khan.
File Photo of late Zafar Khan.

Late Zafar Khan, a member of Communist Party of India was a labor leader from Bagwasa Kachchi Basti who died due to heart attack, as per medical reports. Nevertheless, the opposition and the media, in their initial reports passed their judgments saying that the deceased succumbed to his injuries after he was lynched by the civic officials, who were running a Swachh Bharat campaign near the basti. According to the media, Khan made an attempt to stop the civic officials, who were instructed to photograph people defecating in the open.

It was the center’s idea to discourage the public from defecating outside, in a bid to promote toilet construction and usage. The civic officials were accused of photographing women which led to a fight between Khan and the members of Nagar Parishad. Before the police could investigate this matter, a few media professionals and politicians pinned it on Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje, blaming her for the poor law and order conditions in the state.

In response, CM Raj ordered a fair inquiry in this matter, sympathizing with the family and assuring them of justice. Nevertheless, before the police could investigate the matter, the so-called patrons of peace started blaming the government, right from the center to the state; all because of their selfish interests involved in this matter.

We don’t know what actually happened in Pratapgarh, whether it was a murder or an unplanned, ill-fated tragedy, only the police can unveil the mystery behind it. What happened with Zafar Khan was really unfortunate and these are the times when we need to show faith in the government. Unless we know the truth behind this incident, we can’t blame the government authorities for this tragedy. We need to stay strong and wait for the government to find out the truth. If Zafar Khan was wronged, the offenders will be punished. If not, then it is really shameful that the deceased was used as a political weapon by the educated, responsible citizens of India.