The Summer Sun Beams Brighter For Priyanka Chopra’s Photohoot For ELLE. Get a Glimpse

The sultry actress Priyanka Chopra recently shot for the summer release of ELLE Canada and she turned heads. This cracker of a woman does not settle for anything less than perfection.

Here is a sneak peek into the ELLE Canada 2018 photoshoot:

She also gave a reality check by saying what she did – “I find it funny too—my hair isn’t perfect all the time, but Alex’s is. She’s my hot alter ego. It’s TV, so there has to be an element of fantasy. But, that said, when you see Bruce Willis saving the world and blowing up helicopters in a crisp white shirt, men don’t ask why you’re setting a standard for men to look like that. Why do women have to feel that way about it?”

Here is what Priyanka said: “Seeing a pretty girl shouldn’t make us feel bad about ourselves. When I was younger, I didn’t see people who looked like me in magazines. That doesn’t mean I didn’t aspire to it. I got inspired by the other achievers I saw and made myself the best version of me.”

The temperature is soaring.

It’s here! Our May issue with #PriyankaChopra is on newsstands everywhere today.

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What a beauty!

She has been missing from Bollywood for quite some time now. The LA life and her TV show, Quantico is what is consuming the beauty’s time.

Priyanka also let the cat out for (no, not on her relationship), but Bollywood projects. She said the actress has been reading scripts and will soon be signing a Bollywood project. Well, we can’t wait to see her on the big screens after nearly two years.

She will also be seen in the upcoming rom-com Isn’t It Romantic with co-stars Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine and Liam Hemsworth.

She also recently broke the news that she was rejected for a prestigious film due to the color of her skin.