Rahul Gandhi accidently enters ladies toilet in Gujarat

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has now become topic of discussion. This time he grabbed the attention not for his words but for his act. He did a fauxpas by entering a ladies toilet in Chhota Udaipur in Gujarat. From 9 to 11 October, Rahul Gandhi was on three-day Gujarat tour for political campaigning.

The incident took place after one of the interactive sessions of Rahul with youngsters of the district. After the session, he headed to town hall. There, he committed this blunder. After the event, while on his way out of the town hall, Gandhi stepped into the ladies toilet. This happened as there was no sign differentiating the toilets.

Just after the incident, the SPG accompanied Rahul and dispersed the media persons who had gathered outside the toilet on hearing about the blunder.

There was a poster in Gujarati that read ‘Mahilao Mate Shauchalya’ which means toilet. But Rahul committed this blunder as he could not read Gujarati language.

Many people there recorded this incident and made the video viral.