Railways confirms Lower Berth quota to women travelers, Know more


To make train journey safe and easy to women passengers, railways has announced to reserve lower berth seats in train. In all the trains, six seats will be reserved for women irrespective of their age as per the circular. For women passengers of 45 years of age or above, three berths are reserved in mail/express trains. For Rajdhani and Duranto, quota has been allotted in third AC coach. In this, pregnant women will get reservation too. To execute this plan, Railway board is developing reservation system through IT Branch CRIS.

This plan will be a great relief as women with waiting tickets. To resolve this situation, railways is planning to bring out a system. In this tickets will be confirmed according to age factor. Another benefit extended to women is that they will be allotted vacant berths on priority.

Talking about new features, a new facility is added for senior citizens. On booking e-tickets, senior citizens will be given preference to choose lower berth. This will ease the challenges faced by old age people. The feature to allot lower berth to pregnant women will be updated.

image credit: dailyhunt

What is CRIS?
CRIS stands for Centre for Railway Information Systems. It is an Autonomous Organization under the Ministry of Railways which is responsible for developing and managing the IT applications of the Indian Railways.



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