Rajasthan Chief Minister Raje redefines labour rights; runs schemes which are beacon of respectful life of labour

From constructing sky-scraping buildings and beautiful houses for people to tossing the veggies right to serve a delicious meal, labour plays an integral part in our lives. Today, as we celebrate the Labour day, we salute the intense efforts of these meticulous humans who toil hard day and night to feed their families.

The day is celebrated as a national holiday, mirroring the fact that it is crucial to render a respectful space in our society. Quite impressively, Rajasthan has  made materialistic contributions towards redefining labour rights. Amidst a battery of labour oriented schemes and programmes, these caught my eye:

Labourers’ children become recipients of financial aid

Children of labourers studying from Class 6 to postgraduation receive magnanimous amounts of funding for their further education, be it Engineering, polytechnic, ITI, Medical, Commerce fields. Students are granted a sum of money to fuel their education dreams. A sum ranging from Rs 8000-22000 is awarded to students. Not only this, brilliant students are awarded with a sum of Rs. 4000-35000. Moreover, a hefty sum of Rs 1,50,000 is also awarded to diligent labourers.

BHAMASHAH Health Plan has introduced a melange of benefits

Under the Construction worker Health plan assimilated under the Bhamashah scheme, many labourers are becoming beneficiaries of various fundings.

Labourers are entitled to a free treatment of upto Rs. 3lacs for any common health disorders or critical ailments. Impressively, this facility is available at not a couple of selected hospitals but 900 hospitals have backed this initiative.

The Bhamashah scheme has benefitted a large fraction of Rajasthan dwellers, especially women who have been accorded with the title of ‘head of the family’. Thanks to the Bhamashah card  which is issued in the name of the women of the family.

Centre and State policies work in tandem for effective dispersal of benefits

The Rajasthan government ensures Centre schemes touch the lives of last Rajasthani in the corner. With an objective of ameliorating the future of labour children, the Rajasthan government eases out the process of receiving benefits from Centre. From centre run scheme like Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Beema Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Beema Yojana, many labourers have received discerning  benefits which have played a crucial role in shaping their lives.

Construction labour Housing Scheme

This wonderful scheme has been assimilated largely into the Rajasthan’s labour beneficiary module. The scheme has emerged under the ‘Housing For all mission’, a scheme which aims at providing a house to all families. Besides, Chief Minister Jan Avas Yojana has also been lauded by thousands of people, who have benefitted from this scheme.

Grant of funds to bereaved families on death or disablement

General and accidental death covers are also provided by the state to the bereaved families. Labour who succumb to accidental death are granted a sum of Rs. 5 lacs. If labour suffers from partial disablement, it is granted a sum of Rs. 1 lacs. A sum of  Rs. 3 lacs is granted to labourers suffering full disablement.

Shower of benefits on the birth of children

Rajasthan government is striving to provide adequate financial support to the families of labourers. A sum of Rs. 21,000 is awarded to labourous mothers on giving birth to daughters, while a sum of Rs. 20,000 is awarded on the birth of a son.





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