Rajasthan maintains second spot in crop loan distribution; Maharashtra tops

Owing to relentless efforts of the Rajasthan government to empower its farmers, the desert state clinches the second spot in the disbursal of interest-free crop loan, followed by Maharashtra for the year 2016-17. Maharashtra has disbursed an ornamental amount of Rs 15514.16 crore loan to farmers.

Rajasthan distributed Rs 13,540.46 crore short-term loan to 23.31 lakh farmers, State cooperative minister Ajay Singh Kilak informed.

Maharashtra and Rajasthan are followed by states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka.

Rajasthan Agriculture nuances

There are two principal crop seasons, namely Rabi and Kharif

Rabi crops: These are winter crops which are sown in the months of October and November and are harvested in the months of March and April. A few examples of Rabi crops are Barley, Wheat, Gram, Pulses and Oil Seeds.

Kharif Crops: These are grown in the summer season and are harvested in the months of September and October. Examples of such crops include Bajra, Pulses, Jowar, Maize and Ground Nuts.

Rajasthan has a total of 20 mn hectares land for agriculture purposes, out of which only 20% of the ground is used for its intended purpose.

The various irrigation sources for Rajasthan farmers include tube wells, wells and tanks.

The Punjab Rivers in the north, the Narmada River in the south and the Agra Canals from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh provide water to the dry land of Rajasthan.



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