Rajasthan Nails It; Provides Maximum Interest-Free Loan to Farmers in the Country. Check Figures


Rajasthan Farmers today walk like kings, and why not. From providing interest-free loans to empowering farmers, Rajasthan government is doing every bit to better farmers’ conditions.

The Rajasthan government has taken several major steps to provide interest-free crop loan to farmers, which has reduced the economic burden on farmers’.

Rajasthan Government has given loans of 23,31,31,000 farmers to the unaccounted interest of record Rs.13540 crores. With this laudable initiative, Rajasthan tops in providing interest-free loans in the country. Loans are provided to farmers on pledging land or property.

State Loan (Amount in Crores)
Rajasthan 13540
Gujrat 12102
Madhya Pradesh 11864
Punjab 11041
Karnataka 10439
Haryana 9390
Uttar Pradesh 6240


The Rajasthan government is using many innovations to increase the income of the farmers and save them from the crop loss. CM Raje encourages farmers to deploy various schemes towards their economic development. If farmers do not get a fair value for their produce, farmers can store their crops in the warehouse with a pledge loan.

Due to this benefitting initiative by the Rajasthan government, farmers from Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Karnataka are also traveling to the desert state to enjoy interest-free loans

Rajasthan government has set a massive target of Rs.15000 crore for the purpose of interest-free crop loan distribution to atleast 25 lakh farmers in the year 2017-18. This will ensure maximum benefit transfer to the farmers.

Impressively, this is the first time Rajasthan has set such a high amount for providing interest-free loans to the farmers. A sum of Rs. 9 thousand crore will be allotted for Kharif crop, while Rs. 6 thousand crore loans will be allocated for Rabi crops at absolutely interest-free rates.



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